Best Rose Gold Smartwatches: Fashionable & smart wearables

As smart wearables go, things are hotting up in the fashion, design and appeal front with smartwatches that look more like the conventional jewellery time pieces than high tech watches.

Even with the jewellery like design, these wearables are not short on tech and functions. The standard features that you will find on these smartwatches are:

Heart Rate Tracker: track your heart rate automatically if not continuously. Depending on the model, some smartwatches let you track your heart rate during your spin, run, swim, cardio, zumba or yoga and pilate. Continuous heart rate monitoring does use for battery power so having it automatically come one and go off helps save some power.

Fitness Tracker: an essential part of smart wearables is the ability to track your activity. This is usually the time you move, or sit still, your steps, calories burned, distance travelled and heart rate points. You can also set activity goals such as number of move or heart points a day and number of steps a day.

Workouts: on top of basic activity tracking, you can up your game with workouts. From Aerobics to Zumba, you can choose from a library of workouts to track based on your personal preference. You can even set your smartwatch to track strength training or start challenges such as press-ups, sit-ups or squats to push yourself further.

GPS: For runners, this is a must have. Most wearables now have untethered GPS function that lets you track your run’s distance as well as a map of your run without needing a phone. When you are finished and back at base, you can check your performance on the phone when the information is synchronised.

Water Resistant and Swim Proof: not only are these watches dust and scratch proof, modern wearables are also water resistant some up to 3ATM meaning you can take it for a swim and not have to worry about taking it off to wash your hands or take a shower. You have peace of mind knowing that your watch will be safe.

Pay With Your Watch: with onboard NFC allows you to add card and use your smartwatch to make payments at almost anywhere that accepts credit or debit cards via contactless effectively turning your wearable into a digital wallet. Depending on the operating system there is Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

Swap and Customise the Dials or Watch Face: being a fashion accessory, not only do these smartwatches look good with its stainless steel case, bezel, buttons and crown, leather strap or stainless steel bracelets, you get to change the watch face to match your style.

Carry and Control Your Music: While you can control the music on your phone when paired, you can also store music on your watch and leave your phone at home.

Other features:

  • automatic time zones to keep track of the local time and time in other parts of the world.
  • notification from your phone be it email, text or notifications from your social media apps, simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • install watch apps from the watch app store
  • use your watch as a LED flashlight
  • use the watch to track your laps and time races with the stopwatch function
  • use the watch for today’s date
  • use the alarm function to set single or multiple alarms for everything you can think of
  • sync your favourite calendar and get reminder alerts on your wrist
  • use voice control with on board microphone to summon the voice activated assistance
  • synchronise wirelessly to the phone so all your activities and progress are also available there
  • check the weather forecast and more.

Top 15 Best Rose Gold Smartwatches: Fashionable & smart wearables

Let’s look at 10 of the most beautiful rose gold smartwatches in the market right now.

1. Kate Space Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch

The Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch from Kate Spade in rose gold is KS’s Scallop smart wearable series. The time piece is powered by Android 2.0. Apart from the signature scallop top ring surround on the 41.5mm display, you get Kate Spade logo on the crown. What is attractive about this high tech time piece is the polished stainless-steel five-link bracelet band in rose gold. other feature include gorilla glass-like display face, fitness and sleep tracker, wireless battery charging, GPS, music control and support for Google Play store apps for wearables.

Kate Spade Rose Gold scallop touchscreen smartwatch

Kate Spade NY Scallop on Amazon

2. MICHAEL KORS ACCESS Runway Pavé Rose Gold Tone Smartwatch MKT5052

Stainless steel and studded jewellery bracelet in rose gold tone with equally handsome watch face bezel also finished with studs, MK’s Access Runway MKT5052 is the bejewelled version of the equally impressive MKT5046 also featured on this list. In fact, the pair can be seen as a his and hers. Like the MKT5046, the MKT5052 has a 41mm case and 18mm band. It runs on Wear OS by Google and therefore enjoys all the features that comes with it.

The features include heart rate tracking, smartphone notifications although companion Wear OS app required to pipe this through be it iOS or Android, NFC payment, GPS, rapid charging, touchscreen, microphone and Google Assistant. There is enough memory to store and play your favourite music, customise the watch face, create custom goals and set alarms as well as access multiple time zones. Like most Android watches here you get 24 hours of battery life. The upside to the MK5052 is that the case is water resistant up to 50m.

MICHAEL KORS ACCESS Runway Pavé Rose Gold-Tone SmartwatchMKT5052

MICHAEL KORS ACCESS Runway MKT5052 on Amazon

3. Fossil Venture HR Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Smartwatch FTWP6011P

This jewel studded entry from Fossil has an equivalent minus the stainless steel strap for those whom are uncomfortable with the blink level and wishes to tone it down. The Generation 4 smartwatch from Fossil is based on Google’s Wear OS and comes with Heart Rate tracking during workout, water resistance up to 3ATM and Google Pay and Google App store support on top of the standard activity tracking, notifications and music control. The rose gold stainless steel case and bracelet are embellished with crystals if you haven’t noticed.Fossil Venture HR Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Smartwatch FTWP6011PFossil Venture HR on Amazon

A special box set with the same Venture HR Rose Gold Tone smartwatch above together with a stainless steel mesh strap and a leather strap is also available to make the most of your wearable. This means you can interchange the strap giving you three different styles altogether.


Fossil Venture HR on Amazon

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800 Rose Gold

This watch stands out from the rest in that it is based on Samsung’s own watch OS called Tizen. It is also one of the few watches on our list to featured a silicone band. The other thing that is different compared to the other smartwatches is that it has more than one button. Still, it has all the functions of a smart timepiece which includes voice calling, text and email piping, smartphone notifications, music player remote, alarm and contactless payment on top of fitness tracking including swimming with GPS. Yes, the watch is not only water but dust and scratch resistance too. The display measure 42mm and the chronograph inspired case in rose gold is a nice change from black and silver finish. We only wish that it comes with matching stainless steel rose gold bracelet as option. The icing on the cake is its long battery life of up to four days.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Rose Gold 42mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800 on Amazon

5. Kate Space Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch with Leather Strap in Vachetta

The other Kate Spade watch in our list, this time with a leather strap. It features the same case as in the previous watch featuring the signature scallop top right on the 41.5mm display dial. The watch band is made from vachetta, untreated Italian leather usually found on luggage bag and luxury hand bags. The most desirable quality of vachetta is that it is very light in colour and it is soft and thin yet durable. If you don’t care for stainless steel bracelets this is one for you. Features are similar to previous Scallop watch in our list.

Kate Spade Rose Gold with Leather Band scallop touchscreen smartwatch

Kate Spade Scallop Smartwatch on Amazon